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Below are links to other Animal Rights/Welfare sites

Animals Australia is Australia's second largest and most dynamic national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and thousands of individual supporters throughout Australia.

Animal Liberation Australian branches;

Animal Liberation Youth is run by youth from around Australia who campaign hard to spread the word about animal rights.

Live Export Shame website and News Update Forum - facts and figures from the Live Export Industry, Government and Animal Rights/Welfare organisations.

Voiceless promotes respect and compassion for animals; increases awareness of the conditions in which they live; and takes action to protect animals from suffering.

The Animal Club run by ‘Club Leaders’ in primary and secondary schools, organise activities in their schools or in the community to raise awareness of animal protection issues.

Horse Racing Kills - Don't be fooled by the glamour; behind the scenes of the racing industry there is a less romantic reality that the public is either ignorant of, or chooses not to dwell on.

Open Rescue - Open Rescue is based on giving aid, rescue and veterinary treatment to any animal known to be suffering and in pain.

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