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Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty has been developed to highlight the fact that Tasmania is far from being the “clean, green” state it claims to be for tens of thousands of animals used in farming.

Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty will provide information about the true state of animal welfare here, with news updates as they happen.

At this site, we highlight the inadequacy of animal welfare legislation, poor policy and enforcement and the fact that even the penalties that the existing legislation provides for are not applied. As is the case everywhere in Australia, there is an inequity in the level of protection for animals used in farming and “companion” animals.

In Tasmania, intensive farming of pigs and battery and broiler (meat) chickens is commonplace, but kept from the public gaze, as it is in other states The conditions under which these animals are kept, and the mutilations to which they are subjected, should be the subject of prosecution, and certainly would be if they were “companion” animals.

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